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Who We Are

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From humble beginnings in Senegal West Africa, Cheikh Diop, Founding owner and Creative Director of Rhythm Generation, mastered the craft of making and playing traditional djembe drumming, dance, and other African percussion instruments. For over 30 years, Cheikh has studied and rehearsed with some of the most renowned Griot (guardians of African Cultures and Traditions) families, and at Cultural Centres along the Small-Coast of Senegal. He mastered the art of traditional African ballet performance from the Mandingue, Wolof, Pular and Sérére tribes of Senegal and beyond. Through his talent, dedication and charisma Cheikh was invited as an ambassador of the arts to take part in a cultural exchange project to the United Kingdom where he shared and taught the traditions of West African music, dance and stories.

Since moving to the UK in 2004 Cheikh formed his company Rhythm Generation (formerly known as Afric’Arts) which provides a unique, positive and unforgettable experience for all types of settings including Education, private or public entertainment, and corporate.

Having taught in over 250 schools, Colleges, educational establishments and festivals, Cheikh has a brilliant style of engaging his audience, with a blend of verbal explanation, demonstration, interaction, and of course fun. Whether it’s for a one to one session, or groups of 2 - 500+ Cheikh expertly leads participants in a friendly and inclusive way to experience the brilliance of West African percussion, dance and culture.

Whether under Rhythm Generation or in collaboration with other groups, Cheikh has been privileged to share his passion and talents across the whole world providing entertainment for VIPevents, large multi-national organisations as well as personal gatherings such as weddings, birthdays and other social events. Some of the venues Cheikh has performed at, but not limited to, are: Crowne Plaza, Jordan - The Dead-Sea Resort & Spa, Modena Hotel in Shanghai, Lotte Hotel in Moscow, Marriott International in Kuwait, Palais Bourbon in Paris, Esprit ‘Big Bang’ charity event in Brussels, Carlton Hotel in Monte Carlo, the Natural History Museum in London, and launching the World’s first Jumanji - themed land in Chessington.

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